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How to Create a Character

With the permission of Emilia, you can create a future Doctor, interesting companions and cool aliens. If you have any questions, contact Emilia or Mira on their talk pages!

Character Page Layout

In order to have a character, you need to comment on my talk page and fill out the following information:

Type of Character: (Is your character a Doctor, Companion or an Alien?)

Name: (Either # of doctor, name of companion or name of the alien race)


Model Used: (this can apply to aliens as well, so get creative)

On the actual page, follow the following steps:

~ Put in an character template (thanks to Miramc22 for creating it) and fill it out

~ Then, use level 2 headline to create a quick biography section for that character

~Then, use level 2 headline twice again: one for that character's alliances, another for their enemies

~ This is optional, but you can have another section that is gallery for that character.

Taken Models

These models are in use at the moment:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Matt Smith

Karen Gillan

Jenna Coleman

Ingrid Oliver

Olivia Clarke

Georgia Moffett

Christina Perri

David Tennant

Paul McGann

Catherine Tate

Ansel Elgort

Peter Capaldi

John Barrowman

James McAvoy

Bonnie Wright

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